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Achieving a sustainable future together

How did One Carbon World make a difference and how can you?​

By simply completing 3 steps below any business or organisation can achieve our Carbon Neutral Standard and join the United Nations Climate Neutral Now Initiative.

We have completed these steps to off-set One Carbon World’s carbon footprint and we hope this guide helps you understand the process. 


We identified the sources of carbon and greenhouse gas emissions that come from our operations.

These included:

  • Heat consumption

  • Electricity consumption

  • Air travel

  • Transport by car

  • Public transport by bus

  • Public transport by taxi

  • Public transport by train

  • Other modes of public land transport


We then collected data on these emissions and gave it to our carbon auditors.

The data we collected were: Energy bills and Travel expenses.​ Our carbon auditors then calculated the carbon footprint of our operations and this was sent for independent external validation. 


Our team of experts then reported on our carbon footprint and identified actions we could take to reduce it. These actions were: 

  • To use technology such as video conferencing to reduce/remove requirement for travel

  • To use technology such as iPad, email etc. to reduce/remove requirement for paper and to reduce/remove waste

  • To encourage our staff to use public transportation, biking, telecommuting, or to share their cars and to benefit from limited parking

  • To minimise business travel/ air travel

  • To source electricity from suppliers providing sustainable and renewable electricity e.g. wind power


After our carbon footprint had been audited and validated, and actions to reduce it had been identified and agreed, we decided to offset our full footprint through purchasing and retiring carbon credits in the name of One Carbon World. 


We received a certificate of the retired carbon credits in our organisations name.

Global Climate Action



Organisations wishing to join the UN Climate Neutral Now Initiative take the pledge commit to:

  • Measure and report their greenhouse gas emissions 

  • Reduce their greenhouse gas emissions as much as possible

  • Compensate some or why not all of your remaining emissions

Organisations that sign the pledge are recognised on UNFCCC websites and social media channels and may be invited to participate in climate action initiatives with the UN. Your organisation will also be given permission to use Climate Neutral Now assets, such as our logo, in communications campaigns. 

As one of the UN Climate Neutral Now Resource Partners, One Carbon World provide the information on your measured carbon footprint, reduce and offset actions and submit the pledge and appendix directly to the UN Climate Action Team together with your organisational logo to be included with the pledge signatories.



Many organisations such as Microsoft, Philips, Sony and Aviva have already taken the pledge. To see the complete list, visit the page dedicated to  Signatories.

It was that simple! With the help of the One Carbon World Grant Fund it could be that simple for you too!

Be the next. Do something great and start your journey to carbon neutrality today 

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