One Carbon World, are a global resource partner of the United Nations Climate Neutral Now initiative and a not for profit organisation.  We are recognised for offering advice and support on measuring and reducing greenhouse gas emissions around the world.


We help organisations with reducing their carbon footprint here and now. 


This is achieved by retiring carbon credits, supporting emission reduction and forestry projects that meet the highest standards, reduce carbon emissions and contribute to sustainable development.


The One Carbon World international grant fund of 10,000,000 Verified Carbon Credits has been established to reduce climate change.

It aims to help over 25,000 organisations to achieve carbon neutrality over the next 4 years. This will equate to a 5% increase in the number of carbon credits retired worldwide.




We all need to reduce our carbon footprint now.

Help is here!

One Carbon World exists to create positive change for the environment and business. Communication, and discussion, empowers and engages.


The rewards and benefits from engagement and communicating how proactive your organisation is are multiple.


  • Achieve the Carbon Neutral Gold Standard and United Nations Carbon Neutral Now Initiative status. 

  • Expert independent help to work out your carbon footprint.

  • Show your community you care and empower future generations.

  • Carbon Credits retired in your company name which can offset its carbon emissions.



Total Grant Fund Value


Increase in Carbon Credits Retired Worldwide



Maximum Grant Fund Available


Join the mission to create a low carbon economy with a Carbon Offset grant from One Carbon World

You select the approach that suits your aims and objectives.  


Launchpad to Carbon neutral is an immediate and direct option clearly communicating your engagement in carbon reduction.


If you have more precise strategic goals or if you require a more definitive statement, then the Carbon Neutral Gold Standard is the best approach.


Both standards include independent expert support, verifying organisational standards and compliance. The standards can encompass; your entire organisation, or a singular event or series. Either standard can also be used as a visible assurance for specific products or services.

Both standards come with full use of our logos as well as the UN Climate Neutral Now logo on participation in this initiative. The logos can be used in websites, informational documents (e.g. annual reports, sustainability reports, company profiles) and promotional materials (flyers, brochures, and similar).



  • Demonstrates your commitment to carbon reduction through offsetting

  • Nothing to measure today



  • Achieve full Carbon Neutral Gold status now

  • Measure your carbon footprint with the help of one of our expert consultants

Don't just take our word for it

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We are excited to announce that Farrington’s Mellow Yellow Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil is the world’s first food product that has achieved the Carbon Neutral Gold Standard Status & participation in the UN Climate Neutral Now Initiative!

Produced on their sustainable and environmentally responsible farm in Northamptonshire, UK, Farrington’s Mellow Yellow is a healthy, tasty and brilliantly versatile cooking oil.  

Congratulations on these remarkable achievements and for your work on highlighting climate change and sustainability! Read their Carbon Neutral Press release here.










We are proud to share the good news that The Born Free Foundation is the first animal welfare charity organization in the world to join Climate Neutral Now, and to achieve the One Carbon World Carbon Neutral Gold Standard! As a leading wildlife charity, Born Free oppose the exploitation of wild animals in captivity  and campaign to keep them where they belong - in the wild. Every year, Born Free rescues,
campaigns for and protects thousands of wild animals around the world.

See how you can support them here :

It was a pleasure to partner with Nitto ATP Finals in measuring & offsetting of all international and domestic travel to the event for players, tournament staff and ATP members. Find their press release here!










We are happy to announce that Matthew Algie is the first coffee roaster in the World to achieve both the Carbon Neutral Gold Standard and to become a participant in the UN Climate Neutral Now Initiative.

With the help of our carbon footprint grant support, Matthew Algie has measured, reduced and offset their carbon footprint to become carbon neutral.

Congratulations on these fantastic achievements and for your work on highlighting climate change and sustainability! Read their Carbon Neutral Press release here.

Find out more about their fantastic journey in their latest Sustainability Report here .

We would like to share the great news that By The River Brew Co. is the first container community in the World to achieve both the Carbon Neutral Gold Standard and the UN Climate Neutral Now Initiative. 

By The River Brew Co. is an independent container community that lives and breathes beneath the iconic Tyne bridge and the site concept consists of a Brewery & Tap Room, Träkol (Open Fire Kitchen), the Backyard Bikeshop (a Custom Build Bike Shop), Coffee House& Covert Cocktail Bar and even a vibrant weekend market. 

We are very proud to announce that Truefitt & Hill (Gentlemen's Grooming), the oldest barbershop in the world as verified by the Guinness Book of World Records has been declared the first male grooming establishment in the world to receive the Carbon Neutral Gold Standard and to become a participant in the UN Climate Neutral Now Initiative. 
It was a pleasure to support them on their journey to become carbon neutral!
Find out more about their fantastic journey here.






Congratulations to Wills Bros who have just become the first civil engineering company in the world to achieve both the coveted Carbon Neutral Gold Standard and UN Climate Neutral Now Participation through One Carbon World.  Read more about their journey here.


Congratulations to North London Collegiate School , who are one of the first schools in the World to achieve the Launchpad to Carbon Neutral Standard and to become a participant in the UN Climate Neutral Now Initiative!

North London Collegiate School is an amazing example of how you can create real change and awareness for students and the local community with offsetting your unavoidable emissions.

Read about their ambitions here.



"Thanks to support of the One Carbon World grant, we now offset the carbon footprint of every delivery we make by supporting reforestation projects through carbon credits."

Gerald - CEO -



"Every single business can do this. We can all have an effect on caring for our planet by doing our own little bit."

Jon & Damian- co-owners

Start your journey to carbon neutrality today 


The fund only supports carbon offset projects which are both ecologically and socially effective, with clear sustainable development benefits, such as including positive impacts on the well-being of the community hosting the project, strong biodiversity, job creation, and supporting educational programmes.

By supporting the retirement of carbon credits from the fund, you can be sure you are supporting UN backed carbon reduction projects and support forestry projects that reinvest in planting more trees for our planet  which reduce our carbon emissions.

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