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We are thrilled to present the latest organisations, who achieved both the Carbon Neutral International Standard and the UN Climate Neutral Now Initiative participation. 

   Their fantastic commitment sends an inspirational message to their customers, staff and stakeholders  on what can be achieved today.

Congratulations on achieving net zero emissions and becoming carbon neutral!

Large organisations

We are pleased to announce examples of large organisations, who have achieved the

UN Climate Neutral Now Participation and the One Carbon World Carbon Neutral Standard and net zero emissions through the One Carbon World grant 

Public sector and schools

We are glad to announce some examples of public sector and schools, who have achieved the One Carbon World Carbon Neutral Standard and net zero emissions through the One Carbon World grant fund.

Congratulations on these fantastic achievements and for your work on highlighting climate change to staff, students, parents, teachers and the local community!

Regional Projects

The One Carbon World grant fund is pleased to support a fantastic regional project for the following councils based in Lancashire. The project has been designed to help these organisations measure their carbon footprint and offer support with green house gas emission mitigation and reduction. 


It was a pleasure to partner with Nitto ATP Finals in measuring & offsetting of all international and domestic travel to the event for players, tournament staff and ATP members. We have also supported the the British Embassy in Montevideo to measure and offset their Christmas Event in 2018 December.


Small to Medium Enterprises

We are proud to list some examples of business, organisations who have measured, reduced, offset their emissions via the One Carbon World grant and who we supported to participate in the

UN Climate Neutral Now Initiative.

Our planet needs every ounce of help it can get.

We do not need a handful of people engaging perfectly in combating climate change, we need millions of us, in fact every one of us, engaging in any way we can, no matter how imperfectly we do it.

No company or brand is too small to make a change. ‘

Joanna Broughton, Director of Truefitt & Hill



We are excited to announce that Zoned Properties® is the world’s first real estate development firm to achieve the One Carbon World Carbon Neutral Standard  & the world’s first Regulated Cannabis Industry organization to participate in the UN Climate Neutral Now Initiative!   

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