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100 VCS Forest Plantation Project in South America (100 tons of carbon credits)


This project is committed to sustainable forest production and also to the highest operational and environmental corporate requirements in its commitment to preserve soil, water and air quality, as well as community well-being. 


In this reforestation project the healthy and well-managed forests help the planet adapt to a changing climate by providing critical stormwater management, ecosystem services, and wildlife habitat.


The project comprises a total of 18,000 hectares of land converted into forest plantations for value added, long-lived timber products and for sequestering carbon dioxide from the atmosphere in different pools,reverting the existing soil degradation process that has been occurring for several years. 

Environmental benefits

Includes important ecosystems such as very high biological wealth measured through birds’ assessment and monitoring, and rare or not common species included in the international list for conservation (IUCN, International Union for Conservation of Nature)


Social benefits 

  • Approximately 260 new job positions created during the agrarian phase 
  • More than 70 farmers benefit directly from the project farms
  • Reduction of rural poverty and geographic decentralisation 
  • Benefit and support of rural schools by providing materials and human resources 

100 VCS Forest Plantation Project in South America (100 tons of carbon credits)

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  • GHG Origination Program Verified Carbon Standard

    Project validator: Rainforest Alliance Inc

    Registry Markit 


  • 1 carbon credit corresponds to one metric ton of CO2 removed and stored away from the atmosphere.

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