VCS Reforestation project in South America (£6 per ton)



The aim of this project is to convert grassland to with a long history of cattle grazing into beneficial forest plantations, which will aid in restoring the land, by improving soil quality through water retention and delivery of micronutrients to the sooi, and by preventing soil erosion.



Well managed forest plantations can obtain high value, long-lived timber products while sequestering large amounts of carbon dioxide from the atmosphereThe project has been verified by the international standard under the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS).


Environmental benefits


Environment assessment and impact surveys are carried out by a team of experts and management and monitoring plans have been developed for the restoration of natural systems which may have been affected by previous practices, such as agriculture, farming and other activities. 


Social benefits 


  • Reduction of rural poverty and geographic decentralisation 
  • Benefit and support of rural schools by providing materials and human resources 

VCS Reforestation project in South America (£6 per ton)

  • GHG Origination Program Verified Carbon Standard

    Project validator: Rainforest Alliance Inc

    Registry Markit 


  • 1 carbon credit corresponds to one metric ton of CO2 removed and stored away from the atmosphere.