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Renewable Wind Power carbon offsets

Renwable Wind Power Carbon Offsets are instruments enabling companies, organisations or individuals to compensate for their direct or indirect greenhouse emissions that they cannot reduce or avoid otherwise.

Carbon offets offer a reliable and recognised way to document and report the compensation for your unavoidable greenhouse gas emissions.


How it works


Carbon offset are issued to projects that avoid or remove greenhouse gas emissions. Each certificate documents the removal or reduction of one ton of CO2 equivalent (ton CO2e).

Each project supports job creation, and has strong economic, environmental and social value. 


Apart from the environmental effects, additionality is the unified criteria common to all projects. A project is considered additional if the income provided by the selling of the Carbon Offset is fundamental for the economic viability of the entire project.


The environmental integrity of each methodology used as well as each individual project, is insured by independent third-party assessment and validation.


In addition, an annual independent third-party verification determines the amount of Carbon Offsets that can be issued for a project. The issued certificates are held within a closed registry system during their entire lifecycle (from issuing to cancellation).


The register guarantees the singular use of each certificate and avoids any double counting. 


Thank you for supporting emission reduction projects around the world.  You will receive a certificate to show traceability to your project.

Renewable Wind Power carbon offsets

  • 1 carbon credit corresponds to one metric ton of CO2 removed and stored away from the atmosphere.

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