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One Carbon World Grant Fund Terms and Conditions

Our Terms and Conditions were last updated in February 2023 



You may be asked to provide relevant information as evidence to the status of your entity.

Your organisation must have an appointed contact and be free and able to communicate information to all stakeholders of the certification and process. 

Applications by sole traders or unincorporated organisations must identify the legal body or natural person assuming responsibility for the grant award and payment of any invoices.

The status of the applicant organisation will be verified during your application assessment.


Consortium applications

One Carbon World grant fund defines consortium applications as those submitted by formal consortia only, i.e. where 2 or more organisations come together to create a new, formally constituted organisation, with its own organisational accounts.

Informal consortia, i.e. where 2 or more organisations work together on a specific project or initiative only, will be considered as partnerships.

Informal consortia/partnerships must elect one of the organisations as ‘lead’ organisation, i.e. the organisation which will be awarded the grant, will be responsible for payment of any invoices, and who would operate as the main point of contact with One Carbon World for the duration of the project.

Organisations may apply both as an individual organisation and as a member of a consortium at the same time.



After application, One Carbon World will work with the applicant organisation to define the scope of the measurement. The One Carbon World grant fund will assist projects of any scope, from individual products or events to single or multiple departments, one office location, to worldwide offices across multiple countries.

Organisations may make multiple applications to the grant fund to increase the scope of what is measured / off-set (for example, bringing additional departments, locations, events, or products into scope).

Organisations may bring their supply chain into scope. In this case, One Carbon World and their appointed independent expert will not communicate directly with your supply chain organisations. It is the responsibility of the applicant organisation to collect the required data from their supply chain partners.

Grants are awarded to the applicant organisation only. The applicant organisation is responsible for the Carbon Credit off-set of all greenhouse gas emissions measured under their agreed scope. Grant funded Carbon Credits cannot be invoiced separately to supply chain or partner organisations. Organisations wishing to be invoiced separately for grant funded Carbon Credits must apply for their own grant award.



Grants will be awarded for a period of 1 year.

Grants applications that have been approved, will be reviewed the following year. Applicant can apply for an annual grant renewal subject to One Carbon World’s approval process.

The grant award renewal possibly be renewed an additional time (upon our approval to each such renewal) to give a total of 2 years’ emissions that can be measured and off-set. The terms and conditions contained in this document relate to both initial grant awards and subsequent renewals. One Carbon World may, at their discretion, revoke additional grants after the first year or subsequent grant renewal periods. 


All grant awards include


  • A One Carbon World accredited independent expert consultant to produce a One Carbon World Carbon Footprint Report or verify a carbon footprint report produced in-house or by another organisation. Report will show breakdown of carbon footprint by emissions and will include recommendations for reducing emissions and for further emissions activities that may be included in subsequent carbon footprint calculations. All reports follow GHG Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standard.

  • A telephone consultation and full email support and guidance with our One Carbon World team of experts to define and calculate a Carbon Footprint, or verify a carbon footprint produced in-house, or by another organisation. All calculations follow GHG Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standard and use most current conversion factors available.

  • The retirement of a maximum of 100 tons of Verified Carbon Credits in the name of an organisation. 50% funding for carbon credits over 100 tons, including Scope 1 and Scope2. For Scope 3, the grant fund will not apply.  Please see the current standard cost for carbon credits on our website. If the carbon footprint is under 100 tons, OCW will retire up to your measured carbon footprint to achieve carbon neutrality and the remaining carbon credits cannot be used in the following year.

  • Full use of One Carbon World Logo and communications and marketing support. 

  • The opportunity to be a partner in the United Nations Climate Neutral Now initiative with full use of the initiative’s logo and communications and marketing support.


What we will fund

One Carbon World Carbon Neutral International Standard

Carbon Neutral International Standard Fee – 50% funding

Carbon Credit offset identified in Carbon Footprint Report – 50% funding for credits over 100 tons, for Scope 1 and Scope 2 (up to 100 tons included in Standard Fee)

Time Frame 

Applicant shall book a call with one of our technical experts within 60 days after signing the grant offer letter or One Carbon World reserve the right to cancel the grant agreement and grant award.

If an extension of time is required by the Applicant, the Applicant must send an electronic written request of extension, explaining the reason for the extension, and the expected date of booking the call. 

Applicant shall submit the agreed data 6 month after the technical call or One Carbon World reserve the right to cancel the grant agreement and grant award.

If an extension of time is required by the Applicant, the Applicant must send an electronic written request of extension, explaining the reason for the extension, and the expected date of data submission.  


Carbon Credit retirement and certification

Carbon Credits included in the standard fee or identified off-sets following the Carbon Footprint Report will be retired on behalf of the applicant organisation, in the name of the organisation provided at application. Please note that OCW will round-up your calculated carbon emissions before retiring your carbon credits, this means that we always rebalance your emissions to the nearest higher whole number ensuring no under retirement of carbon credits to achieve carbon neutrality.

The grant fund consists of VCS Verified Carbon Credits, CDM Carbon Credits and other verified carbon credits. 

In the event that carbon credits are no longer available on a particular project, One Carbon World will ensure the appropriate amount of CO2 emissions are offset through an alternative suitable scheme.


One Carbon World reserve the right to cancel or limit the number of carbon credits that can be purchased through the grant support due to events outside our control, including unexpected limits on the stock of carbon credits which we could not reasonably plan for, technical reasons, a sudden increase in carbon credit cost due to higher demand, among others.

You will receive a digital retirement certificate to confirm Carbon Credits retired in the organisation’s name.

Your Carbon Neutral International Standard certificate will also be issued digitally, together with the appropriate Standard logo in a variety of formats, and a copy of the brand guidelines detailing their permitted use.

You must not display the Carbon Neutral International Standard logos on any print or digital media or communication before authorised to do so by the receipt of the appropriate Standard certificate.


What we will not fund

3rd party accreditations and certifications, carbon credits, and consultants.


Limit of duties

The role of the One Carbon World is to guide applicant organisations to collate their greenhouse gas emission data and to interpret this data to calculate the organisation’s carbon footprint. 


Applicant organisations are responsible for measuring and reporting this data to One Carbon World. Your grant agreement will define your data reporting period.


Your data reporting period will be agreed with One Carbon World.  One Carbon World may, at their discretion, accept data reported after this date, but are under no obligation to do so. Failure to provide the data requested will mean that it may not be possible to calculate the organisation’s carbon footprint.




No payment is required at the application stage. 

Once an organisation’s grant has been approved, and the grant offer letter has been signed, an invoice will be raised for the standard fee set forth in the Grant Offer Letter. 

All grant awards are deducted from the invoice amount. Organisations are only liable to pay their contribution to the standard fee or carbon credits and payment is required in advance of any retirement of carbon credits. 

If a grant application is declined, the applicant organisation may still elect to apply in writing for the appropriate One Carbon World standard at full cost without grant support. In this instance, an invoice will be raised for the full amount.

Invoice terms are 30 days. If an invoice remains unpaid after this time, within five (5) business days after we deliver written notice to you that such invoice is past due, then One Carbon World may cancel the grant award.


Invoices relating to each grant award must be settled in full before work commences on each stage of the calculation of the Carbon Footprint, and before Carbon Credits are retired following the Footprint report.

All invoices will be issued in Pounds Sterling. Payments in other currencies cannot be accepted.  VAT will be charged when applicable.

Please note that any tax legislation applicable in the country you are based is expected to be paid by your organisation (for example, withholding taxes or local sales taxes, among others).


Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in this Agreement, You may terminate this Agreement at any time, with or without cause, upon five (5) business days’ prior written notice to us.


Administration Charges


Any amendment request must be sent to us in writing by email and will take effect on the day we receive it. In certain circumstances we reserve the right to apply an administration charge for the requested amendments. 


Amendment of name of Applicant in the Carbon Footprint Report - £50

(If different than outlined in this agreement, after the signature of this Agreement by the Applicant)  


Additional data set request to be calculated and included, after the Applicant has received the carbon footprint report – £100  

(The technical team always confirm the date once the data was received, and the calculations will commence. If the Applicant request any additional data to be included in the carbon footprint after this date, we reserve the right to charge this administration fee. )  


Additional Information


Please note that we cannot pay for: 

• Any costs started or paid for prior to the date you signed your Grant Application Form or the date of this Grant Offer Letter; and 

• Any consultancy provided by an External Expert not included on our expert panel Grant Application Form; or 

• Any charges levied through other carbon credit programmes that have not gone through a selection process through the Members board at One Carbon World


Governing law and jurisdiction 

This Grant Offer Letter is and all documents made under or in connection with it shall be governed by, and construed in accordance with, the laws of England. You hereby irrevocably submit to the jurisdiction of the English Courts 



The Parties shall keep the terms of this Agreement and any Confidential Information confidential and not disclose such terms to anyone, except for disclosures specifically permitted hereunder, and ensure that the Confidential Information is protected with security measures and a reasonable degree of care. Each Party may disclose Confidential Information to its Affiliates and their officers, directors, employees and professional advisers to the extent necessary for purposes connected with the Agreement and to the auditors of any Affiliate. One Carbon World will continue indefinitely post completion of Your engagement to ensure any data held is not disclosed to third parties.


Change of Terms 

We may change this Agreement as allowed by applicable law. This may include changing, adding, or removing terms. We may do this in response to legal, business, competitive environment or other reasons not listed here. If required by applicable law, we will send a electronic written notice. 


Publicity and Evaluation 

OCW will request Your permission and consult You in sufficient time to enable You to review the participation in any publicity or advertising organised by Us or Our representatives relating to Your OCW Grant application in publicity materials or on Our or other relevant websites, provided always that under no circumstances shall Your participation in such publicity or advertising require You to disclose any information which is the subject of any confidentiality restrictions between You and any third parties engaged in the Project.


OCW will request Your permission to publish the amount of OCW Grant offered with the name of the Company and a brief description of the Project after the acceptance of this Grant Offer Letter.


If You propose to give any publicity for the Project outside of Our normal publicity arrangements, You must consult Us in sufficient time to enable Us to discuss and agree the publicity with You. 


You shall at all times comply with any current publicity requirements (including any branding guidelines) for OCW, provided always that 


Your compliance with such publicity requirements shall not require You to disclose any information which is the subject of any confidentiality restrictions between You and any third parties engaged in the Project. 

Save to the extent required by law or regulatory requirement, You will not make or issue any press releases or make any announcement in relation to this Project, unless You (i) agree with Us the contents first and (ii) unless notified by Us not to do so, include in the press release / announcement a reasonably prominent statement that the Project is being supported by the One Carbon World. 

You must provide such information as We from time to time reasonably require to evaluate the outcomes of the Project.


Guidelines for the use of  One Carbon World standard logos and the Climate Neutral Now logo 

Entities may use the One Carbon Standards Logos and Climate Neutral Now logo in accordance with the requirements outlined below and provided that each entity submits the required documentation in support of the pledge or standard.

1. Uses of the logo

a. Informational Use – Yes!

Informational uses are those that are primarily illustrative and not intended for commercial or fundraising activities. An entity that has signed the Climate Neutral Now pledge is allowed to use the logo to highlight their participation in this initiative in their websites, informational documents (e.g. annual reports, sustainability reports, company profiles) and promotional materials (flyers, brochures, and similar).  

However, it is required that the entities make available in the relevant section of their website (e.g. in the sustainability or CSR section), the information about the scope of their Climate Neutral Now pledge (which activities or areas are covered, which greenhouse gases are taken into consideration, and the duration of the pledge). An option is to make the signed Climate Neutral Now pledge available on the website, for example.

b. Products and packaging ‐ Yes for either One Carbon world Standard / No for Climate Neutral Now Logo 


The Climate Neutral Now logo cannot be placed on specific products or packaging without prior written authorization by the UNFCCC secretariat.  Climate Neutral Now is an initiative that encourages action by companies and other organizations, but it does not provide product‐related certification.  

2. Mistakes in using the logo

Never: - Stray from the color palette - Switch the colors - Replace the approved typeface with any other typeface

1 Use the design on similarly‐colored backgrounds - Rearrange the elements of the design - Stretch or distort the Logo

2 Use any part of the logo as part of another word - Redesign, redraw, animate, modify or alter the proportions - Surround the logo with a pattern or design - Rotate or render it three‐dimensionally - Add words, images, or any other new elements   - Enclose it in a shape or combine it with other design elements or effects

3. LIABILITY All entities wishing to use the Climate Neutral Now logo for the purposes specified herein must agree to the following provisions: • The entity confirms that it will use the logo only as permitted by these guidelines. • One Carbon World or The United Nations does not assume any responsibility for the activities of the entity.

4. DISCLAIMER • The use of the Climate Neutral Now logo by an entity does not imply the endorsement of the UNFCCC secretariat of such entity, its products or services, or of its planned activities. • The Climate Neutral Now logo may not be reproduced for obtaining any commercial or personal financial gain. • The UNFCCC secretariat will not assume any responsibility or liability arising from the translation of the text of the logo into non‐UN official languages.



Please send inquiries to


Do something great and start your journey to carbon neutrality! 

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