Carbon Offsetting

Carbon offsetting is the act of purchasing carbon credits in order to compensate for unavoidable emissions. Rebalancing emissions in this way is the means to achieving carbon neutrality.

Achieve OCW Carbon Neutral Certification

We will support you to measure, reduce and offset your corporate emissions footprint in line with the GHG Protocol and make a clear, verifiable carbon neutrality statement that is certified by One Carbon World for public disclosure.


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Select the project you would like to support then enter the number of carbon credits you want to offset to receive an official registry certificate in your chosen name.

Join world leading companies in OCW certification

Farrington Oils have worked closely with One Carbon World calculating our whole business carbon footprint on our journey to net zero. We have just finished our fifth year’s calculations, with the data becoming more accurate each year as we increase our knowledge in this whole new area. The results are only as good as the information entered in the first place and I feel confident we are able to supply better information each year to build up an accurate picture of what our company is doing and importantly, where we need to aim going forward in reducing emissions.


Farrington Oils

Grant Funding

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Designed to aid you in measuring, reducing and balancing emissions, the grant fund is your organisation's route to successful sustainable development. With the support of the One Carbon World team, you can begin your net zero journey today and implement positive change for both people and the planet.