Cookstoves in Africa (Gold Standard)

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This project is certified by Gold Standard and is a transformative 7-year project with a goal of fighting climate change and helping improve the lives of the local people. In cooperation with locals, efficient charcoal stoves have been developed and made accessible to the households.

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This project is located in Africa. This Gold Standard project's objective is to distribute improved cookstoves to households. These advanced cookstoves incorporate cutting-edge technology, resulting in significantly higher efficiency and reduced wood consumption compared to traditional stoves. By replacing less efficient technologies and practices, the project aims to conserve biomass and mitigate greenhouse gas emissions resulting from solid biomass burning. In addition to introducing improved cookstove technology, the project promotes better kitchen and firewood management practices. This includes encouraging households to use less firewood, employ dry firewood, use pot lids while cooking, and soak legumes before cooking. These practices enhance sustainability, reduce environmental impact, and lead to ancillary benefits such as reduced smoke emissions and improved health for families, as well as time and effort saved in procuring wood fuel. The project also emphasizes local empowerment.


Gold Standard


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