Afforestation Project (VCS / VERRA )

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This project is committed to the highest operational and environmental corporate requirements in its commitment to preserve soil, water and air quality, as well as community well-being.‍ The aim of this project is to convert degraded grassland with a long history of cattle grazing into beneficial forest plantations which will aid in restoring the land.

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This project is located in Uruguay. Social Benifits: The project supports its employees in both their professional and personal growth it is essential for the development of the project to encourage teamwork and the personal and professional development of each member, in an environmental respect, trust, commitment, transparency and ethics.‍Business for social responsibility is the contribution to a sustainable human development, through the project’s commitment and trust towards their employees and their families, towards societies in general and towards local communities with the aim of improving social capital and quality of life of the entire community.‍ The key activity is the ‘Schoolproject’, focused on informativepresentations and workshops forteachers, students and members ofthe community to learn about theenvironment and the care of nativefauna and flora.‍ Additional Benifits: ✓Approximately 260 new job positions created during the agrarianphase ✓ More than 70 farmers benefit directly from the project farms ✓ Reduction of rural poverty and geographic decentralization ✓ Benefit and support of rural schools by providing materials andhuman resources‍ This project has achieved the Verified Carbon Standard(VCS). The Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) is a standardfor certifying carbon emissions reductions administeredby Verra. Verra catalyzes measurable climate action andsustainable development outcomes by driving largescale investment to activities that reduce emissions,improve livelihoods, and protect nature. Verra’sstandards are widely recognized and used in voluntaryand compliance markets because they deliver credibleand transparent assessments of climate friendly projectsperformance.‍This project is also certified by the Forestry StewardshipCouncil (FSC). The FSC is an internationally renowned program thatsets gold standard for responsible forest management. The FSC Principles and Criteria consist of a set of tenprinciples on how the forest must be managed to meetsocial, economic, ecological, cultural needs and rights ofpresent generations without risking those of thegenerations to come.‍


This project is registered by VERRA and meets all VCS rules and requirements . The VCS (Verified Carbon Standard) Program is the world's most widely used voluntary emissions reduction standard. This project is verified by the Rainforest Alliance. The project is also certified by the FSC.


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