Hydroelectric Power Plant I 50% Grant Funded

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This project is a run-of-river, grid connected hydroelectric plant which supplies zero emission power for the Indonesian electricity grid. Hydropower is a renewable source of energy which displaces the fossil fuel fired power generation in the regional grid.

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This project is located in Indonesia. The project has positive impacts with respect to the environment (offsetting fossil fuel use and lowering greenhouse gas emissions), society (providing jobs, development of infrastructure), technologically and economically. This power from GHG free source displaces power from Sulawesi grid which is primarily fossil fuel based and results in emission reductions of 608,090 tCO2 per year. The project contributes significantly to the social and economic situation of the local people through creation of employment opportunities • The project activity improves the connectivity of the local area, by the construction of additional roads and other infrastructure developments. • As part of a social program the project owners provide free electricity to the local people residing in the adjacent village. This improving the standard of living of the people.


GHG Origination Program Certified Emission Reductions. Project validator: UN Clean Development Mechanism.


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